The Most Intelligent Electric Bikes on the planet



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The Most Intelligent Electric Bikes on the planet


Welcome to ZipBikes. The electric bikes that we sell are far superior to any other ebike currently on today's market. Our ebike starts with a full carbon fiber frame, carbon fiber forks, and carbon fiber handlebars. We then add an efficient, mid mounted, integrated motor. Finally, the lockable battery pack is safely hidden in the downtube. The result is an extremely light, incredibly balanced and intelligent electric ebike.



How They Work


Our ebikes operate like any other standard bicycle. The operator can choose to pedal it un-assisted like a standard bicycle, or in one of two power drive modes, called 'pedal assist' or 'throttle mode'.


There are three levels of power available in pedal assist: low, medium, and high. In pedal assist mode, as the rider pedals, the bike provides a powered 'assist' depending on which level is selected. If the rider stops pedaling, power is immediately removed. Think of it as someone helping you pedal the bike.


In throttle mode, the rider activates the motor via a 'thumb throttle' located beneath the right handgrip. This mode does not require the rider to pedal, nor does it turn the pedals. Think of it as someone pushing the bike.


So an ebike such as ours combines the best of both worlds. Ride the bike to work using throttle mode, and you arrive fresh, relaxed, and ready to go. On the ride home, use pedal assist to get the custom level of workout you want.



Perfect for everyone!


Perfect for those of us who want to enjoy the beauty and exhilaration of the outdoors, but don't want the exhausting task of pedaling a bicycle up and down each and every hill! Perfect for those who want to 'keep up' with the rest of the pack, but can't! With a ZipBike, you can get back outdoors without breaking the bank, or breaking a sweat!






 ZIPBIKES E2 voted best electric bike for 2015!


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